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It is my absolute honor and pleasure to introduce you to The Youth Code!  While we prepare for our inaugural fundraising gala this March 2013, I invite you to explore our site and get to know us.  The Youth Code has been a long time vision finally coming to fruition.  However, it was only about a year ago, when I realized just how unique and innovative our focus is.  While there are several programs/organization that encompass some of what we aim to do,  they all have a much larger focus.  This is what make us different.  As sad as the reality is, child abuse happens every day, all around us.  Our focus it to work with child victims and rehabilitate them a early as possible.

We believe that by placing a child coming from a turbulent situation into pro-social environment, it immediately invokes contrast and allows a child to feel normalcy among peers.  By making these environments art and physical based activities, we are now giving these children a creative or physical outlet to express themselves in a constructive way. This approach is a branch off from art and movement therapy. The Youth Code will provide young survivors in recovery from abuse the funding to participate in arts and recreational programs.  More funding and new programs that support art and movement therapy are desperately needed in our society. Our initiatives offer a child something to ‘do’ besides talking and are often a less invasive forms of therapy  for child survivors.

As studies show, many children resist a verbal approach to therapy.  One of the reasons for this is that small children simply may not have the language skills to tell what happened to them. Older children may distrust verbal communication because their abuser may have lied to them or threatened them. Some children simply do not want to talk to adults because they are tired of talking or out of the fear that the adult may not believe them.

Beyond therapy, as adults, we understand, well, the importance of art and physical activities upon our cultural and civic programs. However, these programs really go beyond these dynamics. For children who suffer from traumatic events, these outlets are a way in which to express feelings and emotions.

There are various forms of intervention and support available to child survivors of abuse such as The Children’s Aid Society and various shelters across Canada.   A brief conversation with any of these organizations will quickly reveal both their desire to help these children and their frustrations with the limited funding available to them.  Most shelters, don’t have any of these types of programs, yet they are flooded with children who would really  benefit from them on a yearly basis.   The Youth Code, while partnering with these organizations will also create and implement new initiatives and programs of our own that are driven by our own unique focus.

My personal journey may have inspired this organization but I am not an anomaly. Sadly, I am an everyday story.  This is why we need you!  Although our site is still being constructed and content is updated daily at this point,  feel free explore our site. Send us your questions, feedback, become a supporter and pass it along to a friend!  Believe that every child deserves a life beyond surviving and make it your code!  On that note….on behalf the entire team and myself, Welcome to The Youth Code!

With gratitude and thanks,

Kalista Zackhariyas- Survivor, Dreamer, Founder

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